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When Luthiers Mercantile International stopped presenting The Healdsburg Guitar Festival, we knew the event would be missed. For this reason, we have done our best to support others who carry on the tradition of presenting handcrafted instruments to the public. The Artisan, Woodstock, Vancouver, LaConner, and Holy Grail shows, among others, carry on this valuable work. We are grateful for their efforts.

With The Luthiers Showcase, we present an opportunity inspired by these great luthier’s festivals, past and present, but online. We aim to make fine, handcrafted instruments accessible to enthusiasts around the world. We seek to promote the ‘handmade option’ for musicians who haven’t yet looked past the large instrument manufacturers’ custom shops.

We want them to experience firsthand not only the breadth of what is offered by today’s luthiers but the exquisite quality of the unique, heirloom instruments they are crafting. Once they have entered our online exhibit hall of beautiful handmade instruments, we expect they will never want to look elsewhere again!

List Your Instruments

With skilled marketing and elegant presentation, The Luthier’s Showcase endeavors to become the go-to hub for musicians and collectors interested in precisely the kind of work that you do. For a yearly fee, roughly equivalent to a festival table fee, registrants receive:

  • Year-round, all-day exposure focused on the instruments! Users of this site can search by instrument types or by the Luthier’s name.
  • Luthiers will be able to demonstrate clearly and unequivocally their status as a professional by presenting their bio, experience, notable clients, shows attended, professional organizations, publications, areas of expertise, testimonials, and more.

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