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[Insert Name Here] warrants this instrument to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 7 years after its original purchase. This warranty does not include pickups, switches, jacks, controls, all other electronic components, tuning machines, hardware, pickguards, plated surfaces, cases and case hardware. This warranty applies only to the original retail purchaser when this instrument is purchased from an Authorized [Insert Name Here] Dealer or from [Insert Name Here], and is subject to the limitations set forth herein. It is important that you retain your original sales receipt as proof of purchase. If applicable, the [Insert Name Here] Authorized Dealer from whom you purchased your instrument can identify non–warranty maintenance and should be the first point of contact when service of any kind is required for your [Insert Name Here] instrument. To receive warranty service, return the complete instrument to [Insert Name Here], with your sales receipt as proof of purchase, during the applicable warranty period. We recommend that you have a conversation with [Insert Name Here] prior to returning your instrument so you can be sure your issue is covered by [Insert Name Here]’s warranty. Defective components that qualify for coverage under this warranty will be repaired or replaced (at [Insert Name Here]’s discretion) without charge. All transportation, insurance and freight charges associated with warranty service and repairs on [Insert Name Here] instruments are the responsibility of the purchaser, as is any service initiated for the purpose of customizing setups or adjustments beyond factory specifications. Initial standard setup and adjustment of the instrument and its components at the time of purchase are considered normal dealer product preparation and are not covered by this warranty.

Limitations and exclusions:

The following items are not covered by this warranty:

  • fret wear
  • saddle wear
  • nut wear
  • strings and batteries
  • setups, adjustments or routine maintenance of any kind
  • damage to finishes or finish cracks
  • splitting or warpage of wood due to changes in temperature or humidity
  • exposure to or contact with sun, fire, moisture, perspiration, body salts and acids, guitar straps, guitar stands/hangers made from vinyl, plastic, rubber or other synthetic materials, or any other chemicals or polishes
  • damage, corrosion or rusting of any hardware components caused by humidity, salty air, or exposure to the moisture, body salts and acids of perspiration
  • damage to an instrument resulting from customization or modification
  • normal wear and tear on any part of the instrument or case including jacks, controls, switches, plated surfaces, tuning machines, pickguards, handles, latches, case hardware, etc.
  • all other damage and deterioration due to normal usage, wear and tear, aging, accidents, neglect, abuse, or Acts of Nature
  • shrinkage, cracking, or deterioration of plastic bindings
  • any instrument, whose serial number is missing, altered or tampered with in any fashion
  • any instrument purchased from anyone other than an Authorized [Insert Name Here] Dealer
  • issues caused by service that was not performed by [Insert Name Here].

[Insert Name Here] assumes no liability for property damage resulting from failure of this product nor any loss of income, satisfaction, or damages arising from the loss of use.

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With skilled marketing and elegant presentation, The Luthiers Showcase endeavors to become the go-to hub for those musicians and collectors interested in precisely the kind of work that you do. For a yearly fee, roughly equivalent to a festival table fee, registrants receive:

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  • Luthiers will be able to demonstrate clearly and unequivocally their status as a professional by presenting their bio, experience, notable clients, shows attended, professional organizations, publications, areas of expertise, testimonials and more.

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