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CopperTree Guitar

CopperTree Guitar

My interest in lutherie began in 2016 when I decided to build a guitar for myself. I discovered Robert O’Brien’s “Online Acoustic Guitar Building Course” and built my first guitar with the course’s associated LMI materials. When I finished the build and played the first chords, which sounded so clear and balanced, I was hooked. CopperTree Guitars was launched and I have continued to make acoustic OM guitars since.

With a degree in mechanical engineering and working most of my professional career in manufacturing engineering, I find the attention to detail that is required to make a well-built guitar very rewarding.

While I do the lutherie work, my wife Betsy is involved in wood selections, and the artistic aspects of the guitar such as rosette, end wedge, and binding colors and designs that provides a cohesive look to the guitars.

CopperTree Guitars is concerned with both the reduced supplies of tonewoods and the environmental damage caused by solvents, toxins, and heavy metal driers in modern finishes. For our guitars, we use responsibly harvested woods and apply a non-VOC (volatile organic compounds) finish that is environmentally friendly made with all-natural renewable ingredients. The finish is hand-rubbed onto the guitar without the use of grain fillers, this provides a beautiful satin finish that shows off the wood’s natural surface.

We also enjoy conversations with a customer who desires an individualized, custom guitar. We hand-craft each guitar, individually voicing them to provide the best sound for the selected woods.

Located: Vernon, Connecticut United States

Professionally Selling: Since 2017

Professional Organizations: The Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans , Guild of American Luthiers

Studied With: Robert O'Brien (electronic courses)

Instrument Types: Steel String Acoustic

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