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DL Noble Guitars

DL Noble Guitars

Duane Noble has always had a passion for woodworking. In 1997, after having read Guitar Making: Tradition and Technology (Cumpiano and Natelson, 1987), aiming to fulfill a lifelong goal, the first guitar was produced in a small corner of the garage. After gaining some experience having built fifteen, he drafted his own design with a focus on playability and aesthetic. Prompted by the need for a larger workspace, a shop was built and what had begun as a hobby became a calling.

Each guitar and Ukulele, a relatively new addition, are handmade in Noble’s Richland, Washington shop from exotic hardwoods, scrutinized for their tone as well as figure, and intricately inlaid with a myriad of materials from abalone to mother of pearl. Prized for their resonance, playability, and meticulous craftsmanship, Noble’s guitars and ukuleles are played around the world by novice and professional alike and have been owned by the likes of; Don Alder, Antoine Dufour, Calum Graham, Carl Tosten, and Gregg Miner, owner of The Miner Museum of Vintage, Exotic and Just Plain Unusual Musical Instruments.

Noble, accompanied by his wife Laurel, is a regular presence at the annual La Conner Guitar Festival in La Conner, Washington. In years past he has been a participant in the now-defunct Healdsburg Guitar Festival as well as The SBAIC (Santa Barbara Acoustic Instrument Celebration) and the Newport Guitar Festival. In 2007 Noble, one of six contemporary luthiers was invited to display at The Museum of Making Music: Harp Guitar Exhibition and again in 2017 for the 10th anniversary. Coinciding with the 2010 Newport Guitar Festival, Noble was invited to participate in the Sonic Sitka Project, aimed at measuring the amplitude and resonance for each guitar submitted, all built from the same tree. Noble has been a member of The Guild of American Luthiers since 1998, a lifetime member of The Harp Guitar Foundation, and a member of the Ukulele Guild of Hawaii since 2017.

Noble’s spec ukuleles have been sold through, owned by Andrew Kitakis and owned by Shawn Yakavone since 2017. Currently, his waiting list for custom guitars and ukuleles alike is about a year out. At the moment his time is occupied by a spec Baritone and two custom Tenor Ukuleles. Both Ukuleles feature mahogany back and sides from “The Tree.”

Located: Richland, WA United States

Professionally Selling: 22 Years

Professional Organizations: The Guild of American Luthiers , The Harp Guitar Foundation , The Ukulele Guild of Hawaii

Dealers: ,

Shows: LaConner Guitar Festival , The Healdsburg Guitar Festival , The Santa Barbara Acoustic Instrument Celebration , The Newport Guitar Festival , The Museum of Making Music: Harp Guitar Exhibition

Instrument Types: Steel String Acoustic , Harp Guitar

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