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DnA Ryer Guitars

DnA Ryer Guitars

Dave has always had a deep appreciation for fine woodworking, especially as it applies to musical instruments. In the late 1980s, he repaired stringed instruments for local music stores and since the turn of the millennium, he has nurtured his soul while learning the art of crafting high-quality, acoustic guitars. Dave’s initial training was in 2000 under Sergei De Jonge. Later, he completed an extensive apprenticeship with Sergei.

Whether a classical, flamenco, or steel-stringed guitars, each instrument will be unique, designed and built according to the desires of the player. Together, we will build a meticulously handcrafted instrument using the finest tonewoods and the very best techniques to ensure every client’s experience exceeds their expectations.

“I had the good fortune of having Dave work with me for two years and his guitars both in craftsmanship and tone reflect the very highest standards. They are truly world-class” -Sergei De Jonge-

“David Ryer’s instruments possess a depth of tone and a powerful projection rarely found in other acoustic guitars! His woodworking ability and attention to detail are second to none.”-Ted Ludwig-

“My Ryer became my number one acoustic right away. So easy to play, sounds great, and is a true work of art. It’s all the things I want from an acoustic guitar.”
-Chris Caddell- Colin James, Sas Jordan, Big Wreck

“I very much enjoy the detail and integrity that Dave Ryer builds into each and every one of his custom instruments. With great action, rich tones and impeccable tuning.”
-Peter Fredette- Kim Mitchell/Max Webster, Tom Cochrane, Lawrence “Gowan”

Located: Madoc, Ontario Canada

Professionally Selling: Since 2012

Professional Organizations: Teaching at DnA Ryer Guitars , De Jonge school of Lutherie

Dealers: Siccas Guitars (Germany) , Fellowship of Acoustics (Netherlands) , Folkway Music (Ontario) , Pinnical Music (Ontario)

Studied With: Sergei de Jonge

Shows: Artisan Guitar Show - USA , Montreal Guitar Show - Canada , Guitar Festival and Competition lserlohn -Germany , Guitar Society of Toronto -Canada , Vancouver International Guitar Festival -Canada , Santa Barbara Guitar Celebration - USA , Guitare Alla Grande -Canada , Burlington Classical Guitar - Canada

Artists: Ted Ludwig , Chris Caddell , Peter Fredette

Instrument Types: Nylon String Acoustic , Mandolin , Steel String Acoustic

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