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Gilmore Guitars Inc.

Gilmore Guitars Inc.

I build straight-up flat-top acoustic guitars. My goal was never to reinvent the wheel but to build great guitars that people wanted to play. When one of my guitars has inspired a songwriter to write a song, I know I have done my job as a builder. I believe guitars should be inspirational to play and hear. I have been fortunate to have many singer/songwriters use their Gilmore Guitar as their main songwriting tool.

I build mainly smaller body guitars such as the Gilmore Parlor, the concert-sized Gilmore Model A, and the Gilmore Standard, which is also smaller than a dreadnaught-size guitar. The Gilmore SJ is a full-size acoustic guitar with a 16″ lower bout. Each of these models is my own design, not copies of other builders or manufacturers.

I am a true handcrafter. My main power tools are band saws and a drum sander. Everything else is chisels, hand saws, and elbow grease. I build one at a time using only quality chosen tonewoods, as well as locally grown timber that has been properly harvested and processed to extremely high standards.

I also build different styles of electric guitars and basses, as well as ukuleles of my own design.

My guitars are available through my own shop and my website.

My Instagram and Facebook channels are full of building content.

Located: Red Deer, Alberta Canada

Professionally Selling: Since May 2011

Studied With: David Freeman Timeless Instruments , Jake Peters

Shows: Edmonton Guitar Show , Calgary Guitar Show

Artists: Ryan McMahon , Dan Walsh , Steven Sware , Mike Szabo

Instrument Types: Steel String Acoustic , Nylon String Acoustic , Ukulele

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