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Greg Brandt – Maker of Guitars

Greg Brandt – Maker of Guitars

I’ve been building nylon string guitars for classical, jazz, and studio players in the Los Angeles area for over 40 years. I served my apprenticeship with R.L. Mattingly in 1978 and have been building ever since. I am a fairly traditional builder, basing my work on the Hauser/Torres tradition, using solid woods, fan braces, and fairly traditional building methods. While my guitars are traditional on the inside, I make available custom rosettes and matching tie block decorations that bring a distinct, modern, American style to my guitars. Most of my instruments are built to order. I enjoy collaborating with clients’ design ideas and personal preferences for their instruments.

Located: North Hollywood, California USA

Professionally Selling: Since 1980

Studied With: Robert L. Mattingly , Charles Fox

Shows: La Guitarra , Guitar Foundation of America , Santa Barbara Acoustic Instrument Show

Artists: Tommy Tedesco , John Pisano , Laurence Juber , Mike Kudirka , Perfecto DeCastro

Instrument Types: Nylon String Acoustic

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