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Harvey Leach Inlays and Guitars

Harvey Leach Inlays and Guitars

I started building banjos in 1972. I built my first guitar in 1980, or maybe I should say I started my first guitar then. I think it took me 2 years to complete it but my excuse was I was serving in the army at that time. I studied, among other things, signal theory. Over the years I’ve made about 450 guitars.

I specialize in inlay work and I have done work for a number of other builders and guitar companies such as Martin, Gibson, PRS, Santa Cruz, Collings, Ryan, Olsen, McCollum, Matsuda, McKnight, and from China Farida and Eastman. I consider myself an inlay artist who builds guitars. Because of the demand for my inlays, I’m only able to build a very limited number of custom guitars. I like to have a guitar project in the works that pushes the boundaries of the inlay work I’ve done in the past. Previous examples would be the Geisha, Samurai, Edo, and The Great Wall. My current project is based on Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. Future projects that I have planned are of San Francisco and New York City skylines.

Located: Cedar Ridge , California USA

Professionally Selling: 41 Years

Professional Organizations: NAMM

Dealers: The Acoustic Room

Shows: Healdsburg Guitar Festival , Newport Guitar Festival , Santa Barbara Guitar Festival , Memphis Guitar Festival

Artists: Roy Clark , Dolly Parton , Brad Paisley , Elliot Easton , Thom Bresh , Jim Stafford , Rodney Dillard , John McEuen , Rusty Anderson , Roy Rogers

Instrument Types: Steel String Acoustic , Archtop Guitar , Nylon String Acoustic , Mandolin

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