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Howie Guitars

Howie Guitars

Howie Guitars began in 2015 with the goal of building electric guitars through an innovative approach while paying homage to classical thinking. Builder Craig Howie comes from a background in Mathematics and Physics and has always been fascinated by the golden ratio and how innovators through the centuries have been able to tap into its power. The golden ratio informs every aspect of Howie Guitars including, scale length, fretboard radius, and the arch top design. The Escape Series design earned a U.S. Patent for its nautilus shell chambers, and the tone is rich, resonant, and truly unique. Howie Guitars are built by a single builder, which allows for unparalleled attention over every aspect of creation.

Craig revels in the notion of his art helping others to create their own art through music. From his early years playing guitar with his dad, Craig began to understand how music can build a bridge between people that otherwise might not be brought together. Years of working through the design process and refining his guitars is a source of pride for Craig who, while extremely proud of his product, will never stop seeking to find perfection. While Howie Guitars are innovative and draw inspiration from classical concepts, these guitars are meant to be played. From jazz to blues to classic rock, even heavy metal, there is a Howie Guitar model to fit your style.

Located: Longmont, Colorado USA

Professionally Selling: Since June 2015

Shows: Colorado Guitar Show & Custom Luthier Expo , Amigos Arlington Guitar Show , Amigos Chicago Guitar Show , Amigos Nashville Guitar Show

Artists: John D'Amato

Instrument Types: Electric Guitar , Archtop Guitar

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