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Hozen Guitars

Hozen Guitars

My name is Hozen. I’m a Singaporean guitar builder who understudied with Ervin Somogyi for voicing. I founded Maestro Guitars in 2004 and have been building guitars with Maestro until today. This pandemic season made me realize that time is limited, and the future is indeed uncertain. I now see guitarmaking from a new perspective. I want to spend my days building only the best guitars as if they are my own to keep, where my limit is bound only by my imagination. I sat at my workbench and started conceptualizing every fine detail that I would like to see in my own instruments. Many of the designs are inspired by amazing builders I know personally but done up with a twist – a personal touch. It’s never my intention to reinvent the acoustic guitar but only to make the original better. The guitars you will discover are born from my desire to give my all as though there is no tomorrow.

Hozen Guitars differ from the Maestro line as every single piece is unique in design and specifications. It would be unlikely I will make the same thing again unless it’s commissioned. Every instrument is done in the highest workmanship under Maestro Guitar’s build-to-order program whereby I am personally involved in the design, voicing, and crafting of the instrument.

Located: Singapore, Singapore

Professionally Selling: Since 2010

Professional Organizations: Guild of American Luthiers , ASIA - Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans , EGB - European Guitar Builders

Dealers: CIN Guitars - Thailand , Wood Road Store - Beijing , The Guitar Shop - Singapore

Studied With: Chris Horton , Ervin Somogyi

Shows: Boutique Guitar Show , NAMM , Holy Grail Guitar Show , Musikmesse , Music China , Guitar Summit Mannheim , Santa Barbara Acoustic Instrument Celebration

Instrument Types: Steel String Acoustic , Ukulele , Nylon String Acoustic

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