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Irvin Guitars

Irvin Guitars

I have been around acoustic guitars since I received my first one at 6 years old. The passion to build happened the moment I visited James Olson’s shop in the summer of 1996. In 2014 I attended Sergei de Jonge’s school of lutherie. That laid the groundwork for me to be able to design my own line of custom acoustic guitars. Using my middle name, Irvin Guitars was established January of 2015.

I strive to build great guitars that make people want to play them over and over again. I believe each piece of wood is unique, and I take extensive time to listen to it and work with it until I believe I have brought out its greatest potential. I want everyone who buys an Irvin to know their guitar was built with extreme care and attention to detail and that their luthier builds with his heart and soul poured into each process every step of the way.

Located: Bremerton, Washington United States

Professionally Selling: Since January 2016

Professional Organizations: Guild of American Luthiers , Acoustic Guitar Forum

Dealers: Hilltop Music Shop Phoenix, OR

Studied With: Sergei de Jonge

Shows: La Conner Guitar Festival La Conner, WA , Vancouver International Guitar Festival, Vancouver, BC Canada , Wintergrass Bluegrass Festival, Bellevue, WA , Portland Rose Garden Guitar Show, Portland, OR , Tacoma Guitar Show, Tacoma, WA ,

Artists: Christie Lenee', , Sean Hall, , Eric Stephen Bocks, , Emily Kohave, , Gordon Curry and Bhaj Townsend, , Rico Thomas, NewSong , Jeff Ross , Stephen Leiweke , Joel Gibson Jr.

Instrument Types: Steel String Acoustic

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