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John Ward Custom Guitars

John Ward Custom Guitars

John Ward Custom Guitars blends a bit of engineering with craftsmanship to produce great-sounding and beautiful instruments. John, the owner, is a design engineer by training with woodworking skills handed down from his father. All of their instruments are custom orders, and they currently limit themselves to about six instruments per year. JWCG is not a production shop, which allows them to detail and tune each individual instrument’s structure to produce a great sound and a rewarding playing experience. They employ engineering techniques such as acoustic spectral analysis, stiffness targets, tap tuning, and more to help them bring out the best from the materials they use. Their craftsmanship adds to this to make the instrument also a thing of beauty.

Located: Costa Mesa, California USA

Professionally Selling: Since 2005

Professional Organizations: Guild of American Luthiers

Shows: Santa Barbara Guitar Festival 2016, 2017 , NAMM 2016, 2017 , Van Nuys Guitar Festival 2017 , Amigo Guitar Show - Costa Mesa 2018

Instrument Types: Steel String Acoustic , Nylon String Acoustic , Electric Guitar , Ukulele

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