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Kinnaird Guitars

Kinnaird Guitars

It was a turning point for me when I visited the shop of J. Rhyne, a luthier in Atlanta, GA. Before then I assumed guitars could only be made in factories. It was a revelation to see a lone individual making world-class instruments. We left that day with the ambition to do the same. So while I was finishing a degree in music, I was also studying as much as I could find about guitar construction. By the year 1980, I felt confident enough to accept a commission to build a guitar for a friend. In a few months’ time, that first guitar was finished, and I was hooked. In the ensuing years, I have developed a style that shows an appreciation of the great guitars of the past while leaving room for personal expression. As a custom builder, each instrument is approached as unique, and no two are exactly alike. I find great satisfaction in the challenge of designing an instrument that meets the needs of each customer.

Located: Nacogdoches, TX United States

Professionally Selling: Since 1980

Professional Organizations: Guild of American Luthiers (GAL) , Luthiers Interactive of North Texas (LINT) , Luthiers of Southeast Texas (LOST)

Dealers: Shawn Lee at Stay Gold Guitars ( , Miami Guitars ( , The Acoustic Music Company UK (

Shows: Healdsburg Guitar Festival , Miami/Newport Guitar Show , Memphis Guitar Festival , Woodstock Invitational , Santa Barbara Acoustic Instrument Convention , La Conner Guitar Festival , Guitarlington , Bowersox International Guitarapalooza (BIG)

Artists: John B. Sebastian , Christie Cook , Anna Purdum , John Bob Cody

Instrument Types: Steel String Acoustic

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