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Portland Guitar

Portland Guitar

Modern guitars with a classic feeling, these are the ideals driving my craft. Over the course of my building career, I have created two patented inventions with a third patent pending with other innovations on top of this. To do this, I pursue a balance of old and new techniques. These guitars are hand loved at every step, but this doesn’t exclude modern manufacturing. Computer Numerically Controlled Routing is used to enhance the precision and reproducibility of each guitar. As such, I’m able to create more guitars in a year than other builders, this allows me to offer them for a much lower price.

My background includes a bachelor’s degree in physics, a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, more than twenty-five years in corporate physics and engineering positions, plus a lifetime of woodworking experience and artistic craftsmanship. During the first twenty-five years of my professional career, I worked on a range of programs including basic research in charged particle beam propagation (ray guns) at The Stanford Research Institute and the development and management of a reliability physics laboratory and an engineering acoustics laboratory at Hewlett-Packard. My approach to lutherie is not purely scientific, I feel the spirit of the guitar and the wood as I build.

Check out a video expanding on the spirit and philosophy behind my shop.

After leaving the high-tech corporate environment I started building guitars full time. As a largely self-taught luthier, I have studied the work of William Cumpiano, Trevor Gore, Charles Fox, and more. The best teacher is experience, I have built over 100 guitars leaving behind many satisfied customers. I have built a professional shop capable of executing all the functions and procedures necessary to build the highest quality instruments possible. I possess a passion and dedication to the pursuit of perfection and for delivering functional art that surpasses customer expectations and results in true customer delight.

Located: Portland, Oregon United States

Professionally Selling: 16 Years

Professional Organizations: Guild of American Luthiers

Shows: Northwest Handmade Musical Instrument Exhibit 2015, 2016, and 2018

Instrument Types: Steel String Acoustic , Electric Guitar , Ukulele

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