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Whitney Guitars

Whitney Guitars


I’ve had a passion for guitars since the age of fourteen. This led me to pursue jazz studies after high school at Selkirk College in Nelson, BC. Coupled with over 20 years of experience in graphic design and visual arts as well as a lifelong interest in woodworking, I made a decision to marry my creative passions and immerse myself into the art of guitar making and teaching, full-time.

As many worthy paths tend to be, the road to luthiery wasn’t linear for me; from a term of service in the infantry to twelve years in audiology, varied life experiences culminated to position me ‘officially’ in my own shop in 2017.

In addition, I’ve established a guitar building school here in the Okanagan, BC Canada, which caters to both local and international students of varying ages and experience levels.

Being a military veteran myself, I can speak first-hand to the far-reaching benefits guitar making can have as an additional therapy modality for those who may be suffering from PTSD. For this reason, I offer discounted guitar building programs for military veterans and first-responders.

In short, building my own line of custom guitars while teaching and inspiring others to follow their creative passions is what sets a spark in me.


Every Whitney Guitar is handmade to our customer’s specifications. I use only the finest hardware from local jewelers and artisans as well as from manufacturers such as Miller, Schaller, and Waverly as well as hand-selected tonewoods for each and every guitar.

With a passion for ‘Paris Swing’ guitars of the Gypsy Jazz era, I marry traditional build techniques with a modern approach and aesthetic to honour tradition and personal expression. With these qualities in mind, I strive to create timeless ‘classics’ with every build.

Every Whitney Guitar embodies a high standard of craftsmanship and detail. I believe that a guitar should not only sound great but should also possess an elegance and aesthetic that excites and inspires the player. That is a Whitney Guitar.

Located: Summerland, British Columbia Canada

Professionally Selling: Since August 2017

Professional Organizations: Guild of American Luthiers

Studied With: William Oko , Sigmund Johannessen

Shows: Errington Guitar Festival , Okanagan Guitar Show

Artists: Bob Farmer , Jim Harries , Colin Banner

Instrument Types: Gypsy Jazz Guitar , Archtop Guitar , Steel String Acoustic , Cittern

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