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Custom Concert Models #192 (Bubbles) & #193 (Tiles)

$10,000 - Sold

By Greg Brandt - Maker of Guitars

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For many years, I didn't make my own rosettes because I took over my teacher's when he died. Using his rosette allowed me to pay respect, and have the feeling of one of my better angels visiting. It also meant I could be lazy about that one aspect of building. Many, many years later, I had a very talented and fearless apprentice in the shop. We were starting some guitars to take to a show and she said that she was going to make her own rosette. Soon...she dared me to make some for the guitars I had planned. I knew I'd want to make something other than traditional mosaic rosettes. I found some different pieces of walnut, glued up contrasting blocks, added some veneers, and made some circles...and then some squares. To differentiate them in shop conversation, they were called the bubbles and tiles rosettes. Because show guitars are usually "show off" guitars, I also put decorations on the back and butt of the guitars that tied into the rosettes. They were a hit at the show, and both quickly found homes and interest from magazines. Much to my surprise, the names Bubbles and Tiles stuck.

In the columns of photos Bubbles appear in the left column and Tiles in the right column.

  • Back & Sides: Indian Rosewood
  • Top: European Spruce (Bubbles) - Western Red Cedar (Tiles)
  • Fingerboard: Ebony
  • Neck: Honduran Mahogany
  • Scale Length: 650mm scale
  • Nut Width: 52mm nut
  • String Spacing at Bridge: 58mm
  • Rosette: Custom rosette with matching bridge, butt & back decorations
  • Tuners: Sloane
  • Case: TKL arched top hardshell case

Price is for each individual guitar

Audio sample for Tiles:

Audio Sample for Bubbles:

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