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Escape Series (Baritone) #EB.2.89.22

$4,625 - Sold

By Howie Guitars

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This unique Escape Series Baritone guitar has a 24-fret African Blackwood fingerboard with a scale length of 29 inches. The board has a compound radius of 19.4 inches at the tail down to 12 inches at the nut. The hollow/chambered body design of this guitar makes it incredibly light for a baritone weighing in at just 6.8 pounds. As with all our Escape Series guitars, it has our U.S. patented Nautilus Shell chambering giving it the unique Howie resonance and tone.

The shape of this guitar’s hard Maple neck is what we call the Howie Medium Line. At the nut the depth is 0.9inches and at the 12th fret, it is 0.96 inches. It’s not super thin like a 1960s Gibson ES330, and it’s not super “baseball bat” thick like an old-school Les Paul. It’s right in the sweet spot in the middle. The width at the nut is 1.68 inches. At the tail, it is 2.2 inches.

The pickups on this guitar are the Hot-Rodded Humbucker set from Seymour Duncan. This combines the JB model humbucker, their most popular bridge pickup, with their most popular neck pickup, the Jazz model. You can find nearly any sound you are looking for with this versatile combo. Add on to this that the electronics are set up with two mini switches allowing you to coil-split each individual pickup.


  • Main Body Wood: Basswood
  • Top and Bottom Body Wood: Curly Maple
  • Neck Wood: Hard Maple
  • Peghead Veneer: Curly Maple
  • Fretboard: African Blackwood
  • Truss Rod Cover: African Blackwood
  • Carve Type: 0.5 inch Fibonacci
  • Fret wire: 0.09 inch stainless steel
  • Neck Angle: 3.16 degrees
  • Peghead Angle: 8.5 degrees
  • Tuning Machines: Gotoh vintage gold
  • Nut: Bleached bone
  • Truss Rod: Custom
  • Bridge: Kluson ABR wired
  • Tail Piece: Gotoh stop
  • Strings: S.I.T. Power Wound Baritone
  • Inlays: White mother-of-pearl
  • Side Dots: White mother-of-pearl
  • Finish: DC 2000 catalyzed urethane

Hard shell case included

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