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This is a beautiful classical guitar. It features a Sitka Spruce soundboard, 5A grade (the best!) Koa back and sides, a Spanish Cedar neck, and low friction Gotoh tuners. The fretboard and bridge are Ebony. The width at the nut is 2 inches and the scale length is 645mm (25.4 inch). It has no pickup but we can install a passive ribbon if desired. The binding is ivoroid with blue and red purfling.

This instrument is the same size as the old Hauser style guitars. It's built with Spanish heel construction. Hide glue was used for the assembly and the finish is traditional French polish.

This instrument is very lightweight but it has a strong attack and brilliant sustained tone. It is a classical sound, and not really flamenco sound. The top is fan braced (7 ribs) and tap tuned by ear computer assistance. I play a lot of fingerstyle music and this guitar works well for me.

This was built as a prototype for a client to test a bracing design change to increase asymmetry and establish his preferences. It turned out to be a very, very good design change. It's very balanced across all strings. The client wants a couple of detail modification on his so it's available for purchase. I would like to keep it for myself but the warehouse manager (my wife) says we have too many guitars.

A hardcase is included.

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