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Mendocino Custom


By Grez Guitars

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The Mendocino is a compact, lightweight, semi-hollow electric guitar constructed with all solid acoustic guitar grade woods. This instrument model is sometimes available as an "in stock" item but often, as in this example, they are customized to meet a customer's requirements.

This instrument has a lightly figured salvaged Old Growth Redwood top from a large water tank in Tahoe City, California and Mother of Pearl block fretboard inlays. The body is machined from a single large Honduran Mahogany blank. The neck is also one-piece Honduran, cut from a typical 3"x4" blank. The fretboard is Macassar Ebony and the neck is carbon fiber reinforced.

The voice is very acoustic for and electric guitar and is well suited for many styles of music but is particularly appealing to acoustic guitar players with it's lightweight and lively voice. Nut width and string spacing can be customized to ensure the instrument feels right.

Customized instruments generally ship 8 weeks from the time a deposit is placed and specifications agreed to.

Case not Included Price does not include shipping or applicable sales tax. LIMITED 7 YEAR WARRANTY

Product Category: Electric Guitar

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