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MRK02A Full Bodied Archtop


By MRK Artistry LLC

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This is a beautiful light-rose colored archtop guitar. Both top and back are hand-carved to violin-craft standards. A Seymour-Duncan S6 Humbucker with dual-tone/volume control and lower right bout pick-up is included with this guitar.

This full bodied archtop guitar is detailed in Ebony and Walnut trim. The headstock is hand-carved and detailed with a beautiful rose shell inlay. The fingerboard is detailed with pewter inlay position markers in the traditional MRKArtistry layout. This beautiful guitar is handcrafted using a "AAA" quality Sitka Spruce bearclaw top. The back, sides, and neck are all crafted using "AAA" quality highly flamed Maple. The nitro lacquer varnish finish was hand rubbed and polished to a high luster using 12 coats of finish. Old-world luthierie techniques were used for crafting this instrument. That includes hand carving the top and back plates and old-school voicing techniques used by top-quality instrument builders. The arch is high for enhanced sound performance.


  • Back & Sides: “AAA” quality highly flamed Maple
  • Top: “AAA” quality Sitka Spruce with bearclaw figure
  • Top Braces: Spruce, dual bracing
  • Blocking, Kerfing and Back Braces: Mahogany
  • Tuners: Nickel Gotoh open gear with nickel buttons
  • Fingerboard, Tailpiece, & Detail Trim: Ebony and dark Walnut
  • Bridge: Adjustable post Ebony
  • Strings: D'Addario steel core medium
  • Finish: Nitro lacquer varnish
  • Case: Hard body Gator GW Jumbo
  • Body length: 21"
  • Body depth: 5-1/2"
  • Overall length: 43"
  • Upper bout: 13"
  • Lower bout: 17"
  • Waist: 11"
  • Pickup: Seymour Duncan S6. Fishman Switchback End Pin and Schatten T-2 volume and tone control

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