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Model G2

$17,000 - Sold

By Greenfield Guitars

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Price is dependent on configuration

This is one example of my model G2 and only a suggestion of what is possible. I handcraft guitars for those who wish to experience the exhilaration of playing a truly responsive instrument, fashioned to the highest standard. Each commission begins with a personal consultation. The resultant choice of model, specifications, materials, and options combine to make your Greenfield Guitar a truly one-of-a-kind instrument - tailor-made exclusively for you. My goal is to address your musical requirements and/or enhance your collection.

This grand auditorium size guitar is more aggressive than my model G1. It has a balanced voice with lots of punch and power. The G2 is a great all-around instrument and will easily lend itself to any musical style.

With a longer body, tight waist, and round shoulders, this guitar sits comfortably in your lap. The longer scale length makes it a great instrument for contemporary finger-style players with more aggressive, percussive styles and for those who use alternate and dropped tunings.

The G2 is a canon for flat pickers and singer-songwriters. Able to handle strong picking/strumming styles, the sound will fill an auditorium, yet it’s still so amazingly sensitive it will respond to the lightest touch.


  • Scale: 655 mm (25.78″)
  • Body length: 20”
  • Lower bout: 16.125
  • Upper bout: 12.125”
  • Depth: 4.625”
  • Overall length: 40.875”

Hardcase Included

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